How AI is Manipulating Our Daily Life.

Have you ever wondered why you get a delicious pizza’s advertisement after searching “pizza recipes” in Google, or getting an game advertisement after watching your famous streamer.

This all happens due to AI and it’s subdomains. “AI” familiar word ain’t it ? Every other tech article firms are covering something about this right ?

If you are not familiar with the term AI, I would suggest you to check out my article on AI first. If you’ve gone through working of AI, let’s find out how this is manipulating our lifestyle.

The problem with AI is that it is becoming powerful day by day. It’s not something which you can control alone. There is a famous quote,

“The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.” — Jean Baudrillard

To understand this quote let’s take an example of YouTube algorithms.

Suppose that you created a fresh streamed account on YouTube… and you searched “Antive’s”(Yep, that’s me — I might not show up ’cause of low follower :`).

And suppose that you saw a video about AI on my channel. After this give yourself few minutes…

Come back and open YouTube. What you’ll see in you homepage might be — suggestion of videos from my channels or videos regarding AI. This is enough for you to understand the power of YT Algorithm. Just from one click YouTube Algorithm analyzed you and your thinking and start judging your interests. Now if you clicked on another video which is suggested by YT, the YT Algorithm will get +ve score.

If you like this video YT Algorithm will get +ve score. And the YT Algorithm is designed in this manner that it only wants to get +ve score.

But, If you dislikes a video this gets -ve score. So, YT Algorithm reanalysis your thinking as well as interests.

This give a brief idea about YouTube Algorithm and it’s working. Now, you’ll ask So what’s wrong in this ?

Imagine in this way on every click YouTube Analyses you, and you use YouTube for let’s say umm 7 months. Everyday 7 hours. Every hour 7 videos. Every Video 7 click (including comments, likes ,subscribe, etc.). In all this YouTube tries to know your interest and believe me upon 3 months YT Algorithm completely knows you and your interests. So, in 7 months you can say that it knows you better than yourself. Crazy isn’t it ? But, unfortunately it’s true.

How can you let an Artificial thing know you more than you ?

So, what’s the solution ?

Check out my article on

Ways to defend yourself against this AI driven world.

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We write to create Difference, get Enlighted and Enlighten others. Hope you’ll get the best from us… Check out some of our blogs !

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We write to create Difference, get Enlighted and Enlighten others. Hope you’ll get the best from us… Check out some of our blogs !

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