Why you should restrict your Data Consumption.

Last night I was on a video call with my cousin. It was just a casual call until he told me about his data consumption this month. It was 500GBs of data in a month span. Just a month before it was approximately around 300GBs and before that even less.

Here is his Data Consumption chart of 2020:

As you can see this is an exponential graph. The consumption rose to more than 12 times. I use 45GBs of data every month and I feel that it’s enough to do basic stuffs and to survive. I am alive, right ?

So, why this happened ?

Now, there can be a lot of factors here. I can’t name them all, so I’ll try to cover major ones.

  1. Cheap Access to Internet :

India has one the cheapest rates of internet all over the world. There is not restriction over you monthly internet access. This plays an important role in this mass consumption.

2. Lockdown and Pandemic :

Being a student he mostly stays at home which made him consume this much data. But still, I think 500GBs is way above the need of a student. I am also a student and I manage to do all my classes online in this post-pandemic and use enough data to satisfy my needs, still it rarely increases 45GBs.

3. Work-Style and Life-Style :

I think this is the most important factor in this result. Being an editor he has to deal with lots of heavy files as quality and resolution matters in graphic section. This makes him invest around 200GBs to his work, which is definitely acceptable. But where does rest 300GBs goes ?

The answer is ..

Useless media consumptions and gaming… He plays a lot heavy games. He is a gamer. He plays every new game in the market, you name it.

Also, he consumes a lot of useless data in the form of videos, articles and even from livestream. He admits that he got a really bad habit of consuming data. He can’t even live with hearing songs or consuming data for an hour !

This is making him suffer and making him concern a lot about his health and mental peace.

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We write to create Difference, get Enlighted and Enlighten others. Hope you’ll get the best from us… Check out some of our blogs !

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